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Q&A with Sean Forsey (Part 2)

Here is a short Q&A summary with Sean Forsey, Director of Nest Wise Properties. Sean shares his views on what makes Nest Wise Properties unique, and his plan to grow the business in the coming years.

Q:  What makes Nest Wise unique?

A:  We consider ourselves unique simply because of the team and systems we have put together, in order to make this a more systemised and streamlined process for our investors. The business has been built around putting the investor first, and adjusting our processes around improving their experience.     

As an example, rather than relying on a one-man band sourcing company (of which there are still some great ones out there) we have developed a team of individuals who focus on certain aspects of the process in order to assist the client along every step of the way. This means that the investor can speak to the person most versed in their area of expertise whether that be the sale of the property, administration and account queries, or even anything relating to the refurbishment, there is a dedicated expert working on that facet of the process, which gives us the ideal mix and expertise within the Project Management team.


Q:   What difference does this make to the investor?

A:   It regularly comes up in conversations with clients, the investor is regularly informed, is kept up to speed with developments and can ask questions to somebody who knows what they are doing, so even this part of the process can be interactive, rather than simply being told ‘I will look into it for you!’

Where investors have found that in other companies, they may be met with a shrug of the shoulders that says ‘it is not my problem’, we take pride and care in what we have committed to, it is not just the words we have said, but the morals behind those words.  We take pride at each step, to ensure we have completed the stage to the best of our ability, working hard to improve it, to not just do a great job but to be proud of the way we did it and the result we achieved, more than profit, sustainability, enhancement of the community around us.

If the investor gets more than what they were expecting, we know they will be more than satisfied and will want to work with us in the future.     


Q:   What are your plans for Nest Wise in the next 5 years?

A: We do have some growth and diversification plans for the future, all of which are designed to support the core function of Nest Wise.   

We have developed a new source of properties, by marketing to local vendors directly, and thus often having access to properties that are not yet on the market. This is being done through our new vendor direct service called I BUY PROPERTY, which is supported by a full circle direct to vendor marketing strategy, to ensure the pipeline of investment opportunities is organic and continual, and most importantly, ensuring that our investors have access to unique propositions they cannot get access to elsewhere.

The whole team have continued to support us whenever we have had admin or warranty questions and have provided everything that we have asked for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nest Wise for anyone else looking to grow a rental portfolio in and around South Wales.
Investor B


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